The ferries do not accept cash. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

The ferries accept Helsinki’s internal tickets, regional tickets and Suomenlinna ticket. In passenger traffic, all ferries apply the valid prices of HSL.

The Suomenlinna ticket is valid for 12 hours. This ticket can only be used on the Suomenlinna ferries and it cannot be used in any other public transport vehicles.

Suomenlinna ticket can be purchased in advance, downloaded onto a single ticket. The ticket’s period of validity starts when you show it for the first time to the electronic reader. You do not need to press any buttons on the reader. The electronic reader device reacts to a valid ticket by giving a tone and showing a green light. When you hold your ticket on the electronic reader, the screen shows when its period of validity ends.

You can also get the Suomenlinna ticket as a printed paper version from the ticket machines at Kauppatori and Katajanokka terminals. You can also buy a group ticket for 2 to 31 passengers from these ticket machines (both for adults and children) A single ticket is printed out for the whole group, showing the size of the group, price of a single ticket and the total price of the ticket.

The period of validity for tickets purchased from the machines starts when they are purchased. Suomenlinna tickets for round-trips can be also bought from the service points of HSL.